Survey - Board game habits

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Survey - Board game habits

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A warm hello to everyone here at The Digital Fix,

My classmates and I are looking to find out more about the habits of video game and board game fanatics. Our goal with this assignment is to observe how those two, often compared but deeply different forms of entertainment actually cross-pollinate when it comes to their using habits.

We came up with a short but complete survey that will help us complete this analysis. Thank you for taking your time to fill it up to the best of your knowledge. We will come back and share our findings right here on TGF as soon as we are done.

We want to thank everyone who will take the time to fill the survey out in advance and we hope that you will find our conclusions interesting or that they will at least generate discussions amongst us fans.

Here it is:
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Done my bit!

Good luck with the assignment, come back and tell us what you reckon you've found out when you've finished.

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Doing it now, knew I'd have trouble with one of the questions, question 2 - go to a club that meets up every thursday - so you've got when the club organises it 'the week before' is the earliest you've got for that, or when I decide I'm going to attend, which I've picked, 'on the week'.
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