The Tomorrow War

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Re: The Tomorrow War

Post by AndyWilson »

I quite enjoyed it - the method of time travel was simple and avoided a few problems while solving others. I dont need to know how it worked any more than I need to know how warp drive works in Star Trek or how Luke's hoverthingy hovers in Star Wars.

Best put the rest in spoilers I guess...
They couldn't send tech back or train people sigificantly because they were running out of time, The 30 year jump was fixed. If someone was trained for 6 months before jumping to the future they would get there 6 months later - and they were explicit they didn't have that time! Every day delayed jumping to the future was a day later getting there.

I do agree that it could have finished after they made the toxin - it's not hard to send something 30 years into the future even if the "time machine" is broken - just wait 30 years surely?
Anyway - in the end it was a fun action sci-fi film, which isn't my favourite genre - but definitely an entertaining couple of hours.
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Re: The Tomorrow War

Post by Jabbitt »

I have to admit, this wasn't as bad as I was expecting. In places it was more frustrating than anything as
why he was so desperate to go back in time, drop off the toxin and then come back to rescue his adult daughter. If you fix the past, the future will never happen!
Anyway, I loved the creatures in both design and top notch CGI work. Plus they showed a degree of intelligence rather than just being canon fodder.

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Re: The Tomorrow War

Post by shteve_ »

Watched it last night. It was enjoyable enough, but the sound mix was really low. Agree with Andy's comments in the spoiler above.
If they had the toxin back now, in theory the creatures would have been dealt with before things got as bad as they did. And the dad staying to help his daughter before going back in time made no sense at all. Even she said after she was rescued to go back in time so none of this happens. But within its own rules for time travel, all they could do was travel back to the point after it had already happened. So either fix it in the past or deal with it having already happened in the future, not both.
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Re: The Tomorrow War

Post by cedge »

This was surprisingly good fun in a leave your brain at home kinda way :) but the abrupt slow down in pace did hurt the overall flow I thought. Good acting all round and we thought the CGI was top notch apart from one scene close to the end. Its a shame this didn't get a Cinema release as I think it would of benefited being sceen on the big screen.
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Re: The Tomorrow War

Post by Jez »

Quite enjoyed this, certainly wasn't a complete disaster made out.
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