What Does that Button do?

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What Does that Button do?

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I recently bought a Lumix G9 and a TZ8 compact (to replace one the kids "lost").

But like many don't read the instructions or find what all the functions do. As I have some time and we have "light" been having a play.

The electronic shutter for burst mode on the G9 is interesting, the fact it can take pictures before you press the shutter - technically makes sense logically it's "what"

been playing with Time lapse which is fun and if you have time worth investigating - couple of tips I've found from my few attempts - if you can use manual focus stops camera trying to refocus each time, I tried a long set of sunset, but as the light went the camera couldn't focus so blurry. Also be there are the end - left the camera too long, it went to sleep and I lost menu option to make video - and as you can make it in reverse I've done jugs of water un-filling and beer going back into the can.

Have a play and see what odd functions your camera (or phone) has and you've never used.
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