Cycling/Running Mini Camera recommendations?

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Cycling/Running Mini Camera recommendations?

Post by Jez »

After a mini video camera that i can use whilst cycling and running, nothing fancy just record say up to an hour or so more out of interest than anything.

Dont want to spend a fortune but something that is reliable and easy to use.

Any recommendations?

Seen a few on amazon around 30/40 quid, or are these ones i should avoid?

Cheers :)
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Post by arma_uk »

I've got a Mobius and an SJ4000 (which is basically a GoPro clone).

The Mobius is the more mature camera, with better firmware and features support. It is also more compact and less intrusive, although it doesn't have a screen. It is typically a few quid cheaper than the SJ.

Video quality is about the same on each camera (1080P/30). Reason I have both is because I needed a GoPro format camera to go on a brushless gimbal on my multirotor. If I had to choose just one, though, I'd go for the Mobius hands-down. (There is also the problem of SJ4000 clones which have inferior quality video and features - and it can be a minefield trying to get a genuine one). would be a good place to do some reading on the Mobius.

FWIW I don't know as you would get any decent footage while running. Even hand-holding the camera you're going to get jerky video. On a bike (helmet or handlebar mounted) it wouldn't be so bad.

There's also the 808 #16 keychain camera - similar to the Mobius but only 720P, and fewer features. Cheaper though, at about £25 (Mobius £40 or so, SJ4000 £50 or so)
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