Instant Photos to Laptop screen

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Instant Photos to Laptop screen

Post by smiffy »

I've a Sony HX-400 and with the IOS app you can take remote control pictures straight to your iPhone.

What I'd like to be able to do is take pictures on my camera and have these instantly beam over to my Laptop screen.

Can I do this with one of those eyefi WiFi SD cards or something similar?

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Post by Boink! »

Never tried one, but that's basically what an eyefi card is supposed to do.

Check this link to see if your camera is compatable. My Nikon D90 & D7000 are compatable, my older D70 isn't.
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ian turner
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Post by ian turner »

since the camera is wifi capable it might not work. It has auto sync software for windows but not remote operation and instant display as well a laptop isn't exactly handheld.
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