Canon XS260 damaged lens shutter

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Canon XS260 damaged lens shutter

Post by Xenole »

Was on holiday recently and took the camera, a Canon SX260 HS, out of my pocket and found the shutter for the lens had been somehow opened and partly jammed.
Managed to unjam it a bit but the top half doesn't close now and the bottom half remains closed 50% of the time when the camera is turned on (can be pushed down with a finger for normal camera operation)

The camera was bought last DEcember so hopefully just under warranty.

Been trying to find something on the Canon website but it just seems to avoid giving any details of repairs and if anything is found, it's useless.

Any ideas whether I can get it repaired under warranty or it's a case of "live with it"?
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Post by DeadYankee »

Contact the retailer and or Canon.
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Post by Q »

Look up Canon Service Centre. Its still in Stockley Park,nr Uxbridge I think. Ring Canon and tell them problem.
They should tell you nearest place to you to take it into or send it to and if under warranty then repairers charge it to Canon.
Had similar happen to a Pana Z3.
Get a case for it as well. As cheap as 99p sometimes on ebay.
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