lightning video questions

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lightning video questions

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hi guys :) i hope i'm in the right forum

i really want to make home video's and get a really nice lighining for it.

my setup will be me on a table with a nice backdrop .

i guess i want to make a 3 pint lighining on me + table, and i'll worry about the backround lighing later somehow ..

the thing is most professional ligning stands cost quit allot for me here... and since i'm Not fully professional i guess i wanted a way to do it cheaply and nicely.

so i have a cupple of questions :)

i'm going to use a normal 2.4 - 7 feet photography stand (which is around 20$ online... )

a white umbrella (couse it's around 5 $ online, ) now here is the problem

someone told me i need to get a "E27 Light Bulb Holder" but since i looked at it, i noticed a cupple of things,

one is that thoughs E27 lamps only come in really really white color..

is that the color people most use on theyr video ?

becouse i want to mix it with a bit of warm colors.

Another thing people sujjested is that i'll use the normal E27 bulbs (around 5500K tempeture color) on one side (like the main) and i'll use somthing warmer around 3000K tempeture on the other side (fill), and that would give me that warmish color but still natural and great looking.

the OTHER thing that i noticed

is that thoughs lamps come ONLY in 5500K color tempeture i adleast didn't saw anyone in a diffrent tempeture and they don't ever show the lm output for them i only find stuff like "Output: 150W pure white daylight" amm so i don't quite get it all ...

so amm how much lm do i need to output from my main\fill\top stands ? will really one e27 lamp with an umbrella be enough ?

i won't post any links to the ebay stuff i'm buying becouse i understood it's against forum lasws but i'll write the headers if it will help

1. stands: New Studio Photography Video 7ft Light Stand x 2 200cm

2. umbrellas 33" Inch Translucent White Photography Light Photo Studio Video Soft Umbrella

(i'll swap them later on for soft boxes)

3. sockets : Photography Photo Light Lamp bulb Single Holder E27 Socket Bracket Studio EB
4. lamps i saw: 110V 150W 5500K Photo Bulb Studio Video Photography Daylight Light Lamp E27 CFL (i couldn't find any lamps that has a warmer tempeture on a E27 socket...)

i'm sorry it's really a noob questions i'm really getting started and need's your help

thanx guys in advance !:)
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