Help me decide....HX400 vs FZ200

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Help me decide....HX400 vs FZ200

Post by smiffy »

I'm looking for a bridge camera and am torn between two models.

The Sony HX400 and the Panasonic FZ200. I've owned earlier versions from both manufacturers; a Sony H5, and the Panasonic FZ28.

The Sony has Wifi, GPS, and longer zoom, but the Panasonic has a constant aperture of 2.8

I do like cameras with GPS (I have a Panasonic FT4), especially for holiday use, not sure about Wifi unless it lets you shoot remotely (i don't know if the Sony supports this).

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Post by dataloss »

as they are both 2/3 sensors the Sony has a 35mm max equiv of 1225mm and the Panny 600mm. I'd lean towards the better optics of the panny though. Faster lenses are always going to perform better.
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