Digital Camcorder Recording and Editing

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Digital Camcorder Recording and Editing

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Camera Panasonic NV-DS 150B
Tapes MiniDV
Editing Pinnacle Systems Studio DV version 1.03

The camera has (iLink) DV Input/Output connection which allows easy input to the PC, but when the film is finished it has to be re-recorded by the camera before it can be transferred to a standard VHS tape, via the S-Video Output Socket.

I would like to record directly from the PC to standard VHS tapes, and wondered if one of the following JVC video recorders would achieve this, and further if so, would it be possible to input my old VHSC tapes into the PC for editing.

Possible Video Recorders JVC HR-DVS1EK
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Why are you posting EXACTLY the same question again?

Didn't you like the answers last time?
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