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What Digital Camera

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Looking for a digital camera for around the £400 mark

No real experience in the camera market, but would like one that has zoom functions and a memory card that is not going to cost a fortune or be oscelete tomorrow!

Added bonus would be the ability to take small video clips with sound.

Brother in Law has Sony P5 i think, seen that and impressed but it been out a while

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Moving to Hardware Forum. :)
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Simple answer - Fuji S304.

£338 from internetcamerasdirect.co.uk and you get all the guff with it. Loads of optical zoom, 3.1Mp - perfect for your price range.

Memory cards a steal from 7dayshop.com

Can't go wrong, sunshine.
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Sony DSC-p9 4mp and under £400
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Cheers people, I appreciate the advice, I like the idea of the Sony as the memory stick seems like a more versatile media.

Looking at the site I liked the idea of the P9, think the credit card is gonna take a battering, and one more thing, is this site a good place to buy cameras and what is the CS like in the case of a problem?
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I bought the Cannon S30, Its got top reviews on http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/S30/S30P.HTM

3.2MP, 3x optical and as many manual controls as you would need. Build quality is superb andoh one last thing IT TAKES GREAT PICTURES :thumbs:

I got Jessops to price match camera direct and got it for £352.99 (they had it at £469 !), a bargain if ever there was one.
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I agree with vinny...I got the S-30 and it's a great camera(although it's been out a while now), do a price search on internet, print the page off and Jessops should price match it
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