Sony CCD-V800E Hi8 Video Camera problem

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Sony CCD-V800E Hi8 Video Camera problem

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So, i've had this camera since maybe 1993 and have looked after it
very well... BUT i just moved and dug it out from under the bed,
switched it on but it doesn't seem to work...

it switches on as normal, you can switch to camera and look at stuff
through the viewfinder but it wont playback or record onto any
tapes! it just flashes a little water droplet symbol and nothing else!

i figure
that means it was damp or something
but i dont know how or why
i've left it for a few days but still the same problem

any video camera boffins out there know what the problem is?
and how i could fix it?
can i fix it?
or is it a take it to the pro's job?
if so, how much might it cost
and does anyone know any good ones in London?

does anyone wanna buy a perfectly good
Hi8 camera with one little problem
you could use it for spare parts or something!


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Post by IAmATeaf »

It could also mean that it's thirsty and is waiting for you to pour it a jar.

Seriously, means there is condensation or some other gunk on the mechanism/video head. Not too sure as to what to do but if you have a friendly local shop then take it there with puppy eyes and see if they'll inspect it for you without a charge.
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Condensation I think like u said.


I had my digi camera repaired only to get it home, manage to transfer tapes to video for half an hour then it packed up again....marched with stompy feet back into the repairers who pointed out that the tapes I was using were past their best and the minute they get creased then they clog the heads and bugger the whole thing up...they proved it too!

Try some new tapes?
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