The Digital Fix has new owners...

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Post by Ono »

Colin, I just wanted to personally thank you and Trekker for starting this whole thing. I've been here for 20 years and that is not an insubstantial portion of my adult life. Or, to put it another way, this site has made a difference to me and my family.

I really hope the new owners keep the community and also add those fresh ideas to make this place rock again.

So, thank you.
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Post by cedge »

Congrats and thanks, be interesting to see how things change?
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Post by Torf »

A sincere and heartfelt thanks from me - DVDf have been almost a daily logon for half my lifetime, 20 years.

That it's remained the same familiarity, whilst at the same time reflecting the changing tech landscape is a real testament to what you've built.

Congrats Colin, and all the very best for your next endeavours :)
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Post by Nana »

Congratulations, and thank you for keeping everything going for as long as you could.
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Post by cjanderson »

excellent news! many congrats!
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Post by Bravoman »

driver8 wrote:... unless it's an investment group of Tory overlords headed up by basegreen ! :suspect:

That’s one of the first things I thought of too :lol:

Congrats Colin, enjoy your Retirement, good luck with whatever come next :notworthy
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Post by Rob »

Congratulations, Colin, and thanks for all you have done over the years. The site has been a big part of my on-line life for over 20 years now.
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Post by AdamBrunt »

Congratulations Colin and good luck with whatever your next move is
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Post by ColinP »

Some time between now and May the Forums will be getting a bit of a reskin - and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a wider project eventually to merge these forums with the others in the Network N stable :)
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Post by scoobyood »

.. oh...... we will have to 'meet others'..

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Stevie G
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Post by Stevie G »

Congratulations Colin. You've done well to keep this going given the challenges and despite the reduction in numberes here of late it's always been one of my favourite and first ports of call (at times probably bordering a level close to obsessive!) Really pleased it'll be continuing even if it is under new stewardship!
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Post by gregallen »

The only website I've been a member of for over 20 years...
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Post by JCTurner »

Thanks Colin for everything and congrats !

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Post by zantarous »

Only just noticed this, congratulations. One of the first forums I remember signing up for and still amazed that it is still going, that I visit regularly and that I recognise people by name that have been around for years. And the only forum I have ever actually met people off back in the day when we used to do the London meets.
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