Critical Role

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Critical Role

Post by LeftHandedGuitarist »

My unfulfilled dreams of playing D&D or other tabletop RPGs continuing, I've finally got around to watching Critical Role. Three episodes in and I think it's pretty great, although production-wise there's still a lot of improvements which still haven't been made.

I know they've recently started a second, brand new campaign but I've decided to jump in right at the start. I actually found the key to it finally clicking with me was to turn subtitles on, it's much easier to follow.

Matt Mercer is an excellent dungeon master.
Anybody else watch it?
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Post by minicooper69 »

I relatively recently started to listen to the Podcast versions of the show, although sometimes dip into the VOD stream. It's enjoyable as a podcast, and I can fit listening in around my morning commute and evening routine better than the full video version. I do prefer the video stream but they're a big investment time wise!

Agree Matt Mercer is an engaging DM, all of the cast do a good job of getting into their roles and bringing the characters to life.

Agree it's a good way to indulge in some desktop RPG goodness!
I <3 the forums
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