Format Nostalgia

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Format Nostalgia

Post by mk.ten »

Can you remember the first titles you owned on each format?

For me it's:

Betamax: The Boys In Blue
Laserdisc: Jaws
VHS: The 15-certificate version of Die Hard 2 (quickly replaced by the uncut 18-certificate version)
DVD: Lethal Weapon 4* (American import)
HD-DVD: Superman Returns

Annoying I can't remember my first bluray.

*I bought the American import of Lethal Weapon 4 before I even bought a DVD player, which I remember was the Pioneer DV515.

And yes, I know I'm leaving out Video 2000 and S-VHS, but only because I didn't own them.

Can anyone else do better?
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Boink! »

VHS - Probably X-Files Tooms (& Squeeze?) - stood outside HMV at midnight for that.
DVD - Clockwork Orange R1 & The Mummy R2 - Tottenham Court Road about £25 each
Laserdisc - Star Wars definitive box set - then I bought a laserdisc player
HD-DVD - Mystery Men (or Blade Runner 'box' set)
Blu-ray - Terminator 4 (though I think this was a freebie with a blu-ray player)
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Wooglie »

VHS: Can't remember. I did get some Red Dwarf videos early on, but can't remember my first film.
DVD: Enemy of the State and Blade in a twofer deal. I think it was WHSmith.
Blu-ray: I got Wall-E and Hancock free with the player.
UHD: The Lego Movie.
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by driver8 »

Ooh .. good one! IIRC ...

Betamax: none
Laserdisc: none ... although I did used to drool over them in WHSmiths!
VHS (used): "Hannah & Her Sisters" from the market for a fiver (with a £74.99 ex-rental sticker on it).
VHS (new): Depeche Mode - "Strange" for £7.99 with my student grant.
CD (new): New Order's "Substance" - and - Billy Bragg's "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy" (just after I bought my Philips player half-price from Boots at £98)
DVD (used): "The Thing" from a workmate for a fiver ... then bought a PC DVD drive a few months later, just to watch it!
DVD (new): "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)"
HD-DVD: none
Blu-ray: none
UHD: none

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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Jabbitt »

This is a good thread! Okay,

Betamax: N/A

Laserdisc: I got mine way too late, possibly from MVC (six months before DVD was launched), so I was limited to the smaller PAL market. I honestly can't remember if it came with any films, although one of the first was the Indiana Jones trilogy, which came with 'The Making of the Raiders of the Lost Ark'. I remember giving up on the format when Pioneer announced The 5th Element for PAL laserdisc. I waited and waited, phoned them up, and they confirmed they weren't going to release it.

VHS: I honestly can't remember. My local town had several decent 2nd hand media shops and always checked the old tapes in Blockbuster as well.

DVD: Universal Signature Edition of Tremors and Blade. Ordered at the same time from DVDExpress. I had just made my Creative Labs DXR2 region free (5x DVD-ROM drive and PCI MPEG2 decoding board in my PC outputting to my 14" portable)

HD-DVD: Was tempted as I had an XBOX360, but I decided to see who would win the format war.

Blu-ray: After seeing X-Men 3 at a friend's house, we went out and purchased a PS3 and picked up a copy of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I remember that day we also learnt about film grain and TV sharpness settings.

UHD: I wanted a very cheap disc to test out my PS5, so I got Ghostbusters (2016) for a fiver.
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Raigmore »

VHS (PAL): Sinbad the Sailor (1947) and Ivanhoe (1952) bought together at HMV. Saw Sinbad first.

Never owned a Laserdisc player.

DVD: Tremors (1990). Bought the R1 version because I wanted that film and also check that the Rotel player that I had bought (£600!) was really Multiregion. It was.

Blu-Ray: Stargate (1994)

4K Blu-ray: Alien (1979)
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by pompeyfan »

Betamax: None
Laserdisc: None
VHS: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1st sell thru title and was £20)
DVD: The Mummy (1999) & The 13th Warrior
HD-DVD: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Blu-ray: National Treasure 1 & 2 boxset, The Kingdom of Heaven and The Day After Tommorow
UHD: Die Hard and Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Raigmore »

I know that this is a slight digress from the OP but I just discovered that I had paid £25.99 + £1.52 for delivery in 2000 for the single disc DVD of The Fifth Element; I never bught the standard Blu-ray of the film but last year - 20 years after the DVD purchase, I paid £19.99 for the 4K disc of the same film.

Have any of you paid less for the 4K BD of any film than what you originally paid for the DVD?
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