Format Nostalgia

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Format Nostalgia

Post by mk.ten »

Can you remember the first titles you owned on each format?

For me it's:

Betamax: The Boys In Blue
Laserdisc: Jaws
VHS: The 15-certificate version of Die Hard 2 (quickly replaced by the uncut 18-certificate version)
DVD: Lethal Weapon 4* (American import)
HD-DVD: Superman Returns

Annoying I can't remember my first bluray.

*I bought the American import of Lethal Weapon 4 before I even bought a DVD player, which I remember was the Pioneer DV515.

And yes, I know I'm leaving out Video 2000 and S-VHS, but only because I didn't own them.

Can anyone else do better?
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Boink! »

VHS - Probably X-Files Tooms (& Squeeze?) - stood outside HMV at midnight for that.
DVD - Clockwork Orange R1 & The Mummy R2 - Tottenham Court Road about £25 each
Laserdisc - Star Wars definitive box set - then I bought a laserdisc player
HD-DVD - Mystery Men (or Blade Runner 'box' set)
Blu-ray - Terminator 4 (though I think this was a freebie with a blu-ray player)
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by Wooglie »

VHS: Can't remember. I did get some Red Dwarf videos early on, but can't remember my first film.
DVD: Enemy of the State and Blade in a twofer deal. I think it was WHSmith.
Blu-ray: I got Wall-E and Hancock free with the player.
UHD: The Lego Movie.
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Re: Format Nostalgia

Post by driver8 »

Ooh .. good one! IIRC ...

Betamax: none
Laserdisc: none ... although I did used to drool over them in WHSmiths!
VHS (used): "Hannah & Her Sisters" from the market for a fiver (with a £74.99 ex-rental sticker on it).
VHS (new): Depeche Mode - "Strange" for £7.99 with my student grant.
CD (new): New Order's "Substance" - and - Billy Bragg's "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy" (just after I bought my Philips player half-price from Boots at £98)
DVD (used): "The Thing" from a workmate for a fiver ... then bought a PC DVD drive a few months later, just to watch it!
DVD (new): "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)"
HD-DVD: none
Blu-ray: none
UHD: none

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