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Tidal Hifi option

Is anybody using this?

I currently have spotify and after inheriting some really nice audio equipment, I'm trialling the hifi version of Tidal which is meant to be uncompressed audio files.

I'm currently doing tests, I'll play 15 seconds of a track on spotify and then on Tidal to see if I can tell the difference and on some I can, on others, I can hear no difference whatsoever, on a couple, I even prefer the spotify version.

I'm curious as to other people's experiences
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a lot of hifi is placebo. Just go with what sounds best to you and stick with that otherwise before you know it you'll be obsessing about bits of wire that make no difference whatsoever.

Usually the biggest limiting factors are people's hearing and the rooms people are listening to music in, but heaven forbid you try and tell this to the hifi nutters when they can buy more equipment to try and fix mythical issues.
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I guess the main question is how much it costs and would it be worth it.

My hearing is knackered so any of the normal streaming services sound just fine on my Sonos.

I doubt uncompressed files across a stream would make any difference to me .
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I've got Deezer Hifi - courtesy of the Samsung R3 speakers bargain a year ago (my 2x 6 months of free Deezer HiFi is about to end). And I believe that I could tell the difference, the sound was somewhat crisper and better defined. However, I'm not sure if its worth double the price of regular Deezer.
Although I hear Tidal has more frequent promotions, and payment options...
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