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£10 off £20 on PC games @ Ubisoft with code PAYPAL2019UK

A new bargain has been posted to Tweals:

£10 off £20 on PC games @ Ubisoft with code PAYPAL2019UK

There’s a £10 off £20 discount code for the Ubisoft store that is for digital purchases only. It’s a PayPal promotion but I’ve seen people say they’ve paid using card instead with no problem.

Code = PAYPAL2019UK

Single use (though again others are reporting you can use it multiple times) and offer ends Sunday, 19th May.

Excludes pre-orders and virtual currencies.

It doesn’t work on all games - the main one seems to be Far Cry 5 but I’m sure there are others.

I’ve tested it on Trials Rising (Gold is £15.49 with the code), Ghost Recon Wildlands (Gold is £10.25 with the code) and AC Odyssey (Gold is £31.99 with the code).

They’ve got a sale on Gold Editions at the moment.


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