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Question Old games where the experience hasn't aged


Just been playing the single player on Half Life 2 and It still looks pretty good. But the single player game is still a lot of fun. Really good AI and level design and a fantastic atmosphere. Anything you have revisited lately you thought holds up?


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I am always surprised how badly some things have aged, some of the graphics are very low def.

Magic Carpet is still good fun.

Most of the stuff I play never really needed the Graphics, Colonization and so fourth.
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Single and hating it
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Half-Life 2 absolutely remains a joyous experience to play.

I find that a lot of 2D games from the '90s before the awkward transition to 3D still hold up well. Point & click adventures, strategy games, platformers, etc. I just played the original Super Mario Bros. (1985) for the first time in my life and it didn't feel like a particularly dated gameplay experience.

For a 3D game, I still think the flight engine in the X-Wing games holds up beautifully to this day.
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