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[Blu-ray] Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years. Vol. 1 £32.99 @ Amazon / HMV

A new bargain has been posted to Tweals:

[Blu-ray] Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years. Vol. 1 £32.99 @ Amazon / HMV

HMV are currently sold out so Amazon are likely to put the price up again when they notice.


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Just a little heads up on this set: IF you have the ability you should watch the film Born Under Crossed Stars in this set in a player that is set to Region A because it features a few seconds of cockfighting during an action sequence that had to be censored out for UK distribution, but rather than produce two separate releases with a shorter cut on the UK, Arrow chose to simply cut-to-black during the offending shots for the UK version, but this only happens if the disc is played in a Region B player. You play it in Region A mode and the action scene is completely unaffected by censorship.

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