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The idiots are winning
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both teams were awful in the final third. rooney got very little service and nani as usual squandered his chances. arsenal playing lovely smooth yet, ultimately toothless footie.

a very welcome 3 points.
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Alan b
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Neither keeper had much to do and as such it was the greatest match.
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D J Fryer
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I think Arsenal worried too much about us hassling them and that suited us, stopped them playing football. Chilean miners can come to every home game.
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Guest 3159
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Carp match best watched on Teletext.

2 points clear with a game in hand

Best league in the world mind.............
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according to the BBC, Rooney has missed 4 out of 9 penalties for United! I think we should give someone else the job!
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Alan b
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Please read this re the closure of this thread.
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