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Old 26-11-2004, 15:37   #1
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Bose Wave radio/CD player, much cop ?

As it says, are these pieces of kit just over hyped, over priced tat or are they as good as some claim ?
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wondered this myself, but listened to it in the bose shop in the states, the sound is excellent and would buy one if i could find it cheap enough.

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Nowhere near as good as the Denon DM-31 micro system.
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I had a demo in a shop once and couldn`t believe the sound from such a small radio, crystal clear and goes LOUD, just great.
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Old 27-11-2004, 00:20   #5
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Originally Posted by Radiohead
Nowhere near as good as the Denon DM-31 micro system.
To be fair though, it is a little different - the Bose has the speakers built into the unit, it's more comparable to a big clock radio...

My friend has one, and I must admit, even though I think Bose stuff is massively overpriced, it is a nice bit of kit and the sound is really good.
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Old 27-11-2004, 10:30   #6
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I have one that was bought from their factory shop (it's a "second") - I absolutely love it, the sound is brilliant, but for the money you could probably get something better (though not as compact). As my other half says, he got his mission m74s and marantz amp for the same money... though that's perhaps overkill to wake you up in the morning!
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Old 27-11-2004, 11:48   #7
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This is the thing, are you looking to buy one for the compact size or brand, or perceived quality? If it is the size and you can afford one it is not a bad product. If it is for either of the other two reasons you can do much better for probably less money. The Denon micro system for instance as RH said.
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Old 29-11-2004, 09:42   #8
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Tivolis are a much better option for the money - I've 2 Tivolis in my house!

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Old 30-11-2004, 15:42   #9
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My father has had one of these for about two years now and it does sound good as long as your listening position is within a quite limited arc of the speakers.
Once you go outside of this envelope it sounds very thin.
On the whole I think bose are over priced.
I've read on a number of occasions that bose spend more money on marketing than they do on product research and development, it maybe that's true of most companies though.
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Old 30-11-2004, 15:51   #10
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I bought the acoustic wave which uses the same technology. Sounds fantastic for the size of the unit (size being the main criteria) but massively overpriced. Still happy with it though as it fits my requirements. I know a couple of people with either the acoustic wave or the wave radio and all are of the same opinion. They arent good value for money but there arent any obvious alternatives.
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Old 30-11-2004, 15:53   #11
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Creative do one that is supposed to be very similar to the Bose but around half the price... DO a search on ebay for Creative Soundworks CD740 - this one plays MP3 CDs too.
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