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Bend it like Beckham was nearly a lesbian love story

A film-maker says Bend it like Beckham was initially intended to feature a lesbian relationship between Parminder K Nagra and Keira Knightley.

Nisha Ganatra says her close friend Gurinder Chadha, who directed the film, chickened out at the last moment, reports Asian News International.

Ganatra, from New York, revealed Knightley and Nagra, were supposed to have a lesbian relationship but the makers were worried indian audiences might be offended.

Ganatra, whose film Chutney Popcorn has got rave reviews, was in Bombay for the Bombay Academy of the Moving Images.

Her film is a comedy that centres on a lesbian who is willing to be a surrogate mother for her married sister

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There were so many lesbian overtones in the film, I couldn't believe it when that story thread seemed to grind to a halt.
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probably changed halfway through filming
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OMG! it's full of stars!
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Not surprised, did you see how femine the boy they used instead?? He had a thinner waist then SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!!

And when he ran towards her at the end, everybody in the audiance was
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