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Having a mid-life crisis
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The Moscow Cipher (Ben Hope, Book 17)

A good addition to the series

Bad Self: A sensational DS Lasser crime thriller (The DS Lasser series Book 8)

Crave: How far would you go to save the ones you love! (The DS Lasser Series Book 9)

Both good reads

Lost Creed

OK, but not the best in the series
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Missed a couple of months, but the last couple of book club books were:-

Ice by Anna Kavan. Supposedly a classic but I found it absolutely awful. Disjointed, no real plot, and one of the worst books I've read. On the other hand, one of the people said "It's a masterpiece, 10/10"! It totally split the group with low & high scores but no middle scores at all.

Then we had Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta. This was a much better book, well written and a very pleasant read. The group almost universally gave it high scores, with only one middling score.

Next month's book is Everfair by Nisi Shawl. The premise sounds good, but I've only read the prologue so I've no idea how it'll turn out. Only got a couple of weeks to read it!
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Having a mid-life crisis
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Moments Back: A darkly compelling DS Lasser mystery. (DS Lasser series Book 10)

Conspiracy of Ravens: A nerve-shredding DS Lasser thriller. (DS Lasser series Book 11)

Dark Necessities: A totally absorbing DS Lasser thriller (DS Lasser series Book 12)

Still enjoying this series, currently reading book 13

You Were Gone: I buried you. I mourned you. But now you're back The Sunday Times Bestseller

Another great addition to the series, well worth a read
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Originally Posted by allan175 View Post
The first two books of Gormenghast is one of my favourite books. I wasn't that impressed with "Titus Alone", although maybe I was just in the wrong mood when I read it. That happened with the main series too, I started reading it about the same time as you (30 years ago) and thought "This is rubbish!" and didn't pick it up for another 5 years. At which point I thought it was amazing! And I've reread/listened to them several times. I've not re-read Titus Alone although I probably should.

I've not read this either, but I probably should!
Titus Awakes: The Lost Book of Gormenghast (Gormenghast Trilogy 4)
I'd not heard of that fourth book either but reading the reviews I don't think I'll bother. I was also not that impressed with Titus Alone on the second read. It has interesting ideas but the characters all seem too sketchy and forced to be of interest and ultimately I found it to be a very frustrating book to read.

Curiously, I have the Folio Society edition with an introduction by Michael Moorcock, who states that for him, Titus Alone is the best book of the three

I'm now reading Tender is the Night; I'm finding it difficult and a bit frustrating. The language is actually a bit alien to me - I can only assume that to a US readership in the 1930s a lot of the phrases mean something. It also seems like things are missed out, as conversations and bahaviour seem to jump from one state to the next with no intermediate development.
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