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Played the Xbox trial of this but it didn't click for me at all.

The tracks had nowhere near enough variety or inventiveness to encourage the amount of trundling around required.

Having an opponent wreck you from behind while you're tootling along in that moving zone, then having to wait 10 seconds to respawn, often times out of reach of the zone, didn't feel like any kid of fun.
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This is currently free on Xbox One for a limited time - the full game this time, no trial crap - not sure how long it's free, but I'd guess maybe over the weekend.


I put about 20-25hrs into the game myself and really enjoyed it. It does NOT put its best foot forward!

In other news the devs got layed off as it sold terribly (to no one's surprise but Codemasters and Evo it seems).
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Thanks for the heads-up on this. I'll d/l when I get home tonight
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Took advantage of the free-play weekend to give this a second go & I definitely enjoyed it more. Just stuck with the single player campaign which does a reasonable job of acting like an extended tutorial. Once you have an idea what is going on, it's good fun but I still think there's room for a standard race/demolition-derby style mode. It's a great game-engine that's been under-used...
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Surprised to find the free-play was still active last night & that the Online Ranking events had began. Made the mistake of trying that & discovering that playing against real players is completely different from the A.I. racers in single-player. I thought I was getting good at the game but was getting totally humped & spent more time watching my wreck-cam than playing the bloody game!
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