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I decided to give Prime a try, particularly since I assumed that, given the 'one day' promise, I would be able to time ordering items such that they would turn up when someone would be in.

What a farce!

Just considering things marked with the 'Prime' logo, virtually nothing is available next day, and many things say that they will be 4-5 days, naming a specific day, but turn up at any time up until the stated day.

All in all, utterly hopeless (and I'm not bothered about any of the other dross they've added to prime).
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I have a very different experience - I can order next day for practically anything, even up to as late as 1am THE SAME DAY sometimes.
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Originally Posted by basegreen View Post
I have a very different experience - I can order next day for practically anything, even up to as late as 1am THE SAME DAY sometimes.
Pretty much the same for me. There are the occasional things that, even under Prime, say they won't be here next day but that's very rare.
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I've noticed if I order something like a new blu-ray that's released on a Tuesday, I'll order something small the previous week and I get both by the weekend. There's a huge Amazon warehouse about an hour away, I think that helps.
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Originally Posted by basegreen View Post
I have a very different experience - I can order next day for practically anything, even up to as late as 1am THE SAME DAY sometimes.
Yep, same for me including weekends.
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Same. Almost anything I look for - I can, and do, receive next day. With last orders for that next day service very late.

Not bad considering I pay nothing for it. I'm tagged on to my sisters account.
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There are some items which actually live in (normally German) warehousing which are still Prime but say 3-4 days.

I think some of these lead times increased during Prime Day for obvious reasons.
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I ordered a new phone on Monday and it wanted to deliver it today (which turned out OK 'cos I'm in the house) but I could amend the delivery date during the order process if I had wanted. But now I'm looking at a case and the Prime Delivery day is Tuesday.
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I had 4 things I ordered on Prime Day disappear in the custody of DPD, who put a request for refund on the system without telling me. Took me ages on the phone to get them to let me reorder at the correct prices.

Do Amazon use a Caribbean call centre now as the two guys I spoke to had broad accents?
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I had to make a complaint the other week about an Amazon delivery driver when I wasn't in to take a parcel. He knocked next door, and instead of waiting for an answer, he noticed an open side window so stuck his head right into their front room. Not a heinous crime except it's a young couple who's just had a baby and the woman was in the middle of breast-feeding. She was highly embarrassed and very annoyed afterwards. I know they have strict timings but that's too much of an invasion of privacy just for the sake of not waiting 30s.

Amazon fobbed me off with passing it on to the delivery company (DPD I think the neighbour said) they used and that they'd get in touch with me, but they never did.
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Sorry, it's a long one...

Had a massive barney with Amazon couple weeks ago. I am in a new build with a new postcode. Postcode entered the Royal Mail postcode database in April last year. Then it took till around October for google maps to update with it. Most other services took a few weeks. In new place my parents live around the corner, 100 metres away, so I got prime parcels delivered there. Usually amazon find them fine... however 90% of the time they will dump the parcel on the step before my elderly (but not too slow) father gets to the door.

Every couple of months I'd try and get Amazon parcels delivered to my actual house. Not once since I've moved in have they achieved this. My road has the same name as 3 others in a 10 mile radius, however if you put a postcode in google or Bing maps, it drops a pin a few metres from my front door. Simple. Before October the road name and village would find it.

Postman finds me no problem, Dominos, I had a welcome package from my mortgage provider delivered by TNT to my house before I got the front door key myself!

When attempting to get an amazon parcel I've received nonsensical calls from drivers who were at those different roads of the same name. Back in February I complained about a parcel that returned to the depot with a 'you weren't in' email, even though I was at home all day.. no attempt was ever made. They then added my parents house as a backup address on my proper address. Usually you can only pick from some text like 'behind the shed', but they added a full neighbour address preference.

In one instance a driver has gone to my parents, my dad told him where I lived mere metres away... he didn't believe him and then dropped the parcel at my dads feet, got back in his van drove round saw it and put a card through door which read 'couldn't find your house, left it with neighbour' I immediately opened the door looked at message and said 'wtf' laughing in his face. He shook his head, drove back to my parents, got the parcel and brought it over. I tried to ask what sat nav he was using but he mumbled something and sped off.

Last straw was when I was off work for a week and decided to buy some poxy car cleaning brush... another test to see if I could properly use the service I've been paying for. Tuesday was first delivery attempt. I get an email stating they attempted. They did not! I immediately rang and they 'raised a dispute on my behalf' that there was 'no attempt'. This was infuriating, they now don't just believe you and fix it. They start an 'investigation'. I brought the person on the phone up to speed on the 'history' of their ineptitude. They add a month to your prime as standard way of making a mends. Wednesday I was out. 'failed attempt' .. nope. No card through door, 'ring' doorbell did not go off. Not left at parents backup address. I email support. You always get a different customer service person every time you attempt to communicate, so you must repeat yourself and start over. It's 'escalated to the logistics team'. I hear nothing. Thursday I'm at home again. Someone on email has said they have updated the driver with my GPS coordinates. I reply back to email asking to forward me the message, so I can see the coordinates. Nope, nothing back, the email reply goes to someone else as a new ticket! Very infuriating. These days they let you see the driver on a little map and a dot where you are... the dot is in the wrong place with the same name of road. I ring and tell someone else this..... start again explaining problem. They tell me they've sent a message to the driver with my number and he'll ring me if he has problems. I see him on the little map and he stops on the wrong street... his dot pauses for a minute.. then leaves and I get a 'delivery attempted' email. Now I'm properly ****** off. On the phone again... refund me it now! I also made them refund all my prime subscription backdated to November when it last renewed. Then I emptied my basket and will use eBay in the future.. Or any other service. Maybe even an actual local shop! I've been a customer of amazon since 2000 and must have a spent at least 10k at over the years. Well they can shove it. Friday, I drove to Halfords.

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