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I think a lot of it is stuff that gets fixed, then gets fiddled with and not re-proofed. Word's text-to-speech function is a God-send in that regard. It also lets you tell when things don't flow properly in a sentence.
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Originally Posted by jockosjungle View Post
Since my wife wrote hers and the mistakes we tried to eliminate, what I'm beginning to notice is how many mistakes there are in proper published books. Things that even a basic spellchecker would pick up.
Yeah, I notice that too. Not only that, but commas in the right place (or not) - are all over the place in some proper published books. When I think how hard we worked to get them right in a self-published book, it makes me wonder who they've got working on traditionally published books.

To be fair, this is the kind of thing that I'd never have noticed before, and I guess most readers won't notice. It doesn't spoil the book, but once you know about a few simple grammar rules, things start to jump out at you all over the place. Reading will never be the same again!
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It's generally budgetary. Publishers don't have the money for the detailed oversight that they used to.
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