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Vince Donald
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Saw this last night, Rami Malek was the perfect choice for playing Freddie, he got the mannerisms just right.

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Watched it yesterday. Hard to separate the 'fan' bit of me that is annoyed by the rewriting of history, but it works and it was good fun (if a bit clunky in places).

I thought the casting of the Freddie, Brian and John was excellent.
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I'm not a Queen fan, so maybe that helped, but I really enjoyed this.

It was clunky in bits and I thought the CGI-tastic Wembley finale was disappointing and could've done with some more original footage being mixed in, but overall it was a crowd pleasing film with a strong family message.

Great casting as well and took me a few minutes to recognise Mike Myers.
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Freddie Mercury, Sacha Baron Cohen

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