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Originally Posted by KRW View Post
I'm tempted with these. I likes all the Star Wars films but have a terrible aversion to animation, especially this type of animation, so have always left well alone.
Seriously if you like all the Star Wars films then these are a MUST.

I've started to watch these with my son as something to watch with him, and am now hooked. As others have said the story's and story development are really good. The stories can also be quiet 'dark' at times and have quiet a bit of depth to them too.
Really like the way some of the characters are fleshed out, particularly like the way they have fleshed out the Gervious v Kenobi feud and would say its an essential bridging gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith to such an extent that you will look at the situation and charters in a whole new (and better IMO) light in ROTS.

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Originally Posted by Mr Majestik View Post
The cgi toons still arn't as good as the Samurai Jack style 5 min shorts they did.

Shame they seem to have been written out of Star Wars history.
They were terrific, but kinda OTT with their depiction of Jedi powers. Still, the aforementioned bit in season 3 with the chase across Coruscant is a stunning bit of work. And I'll always love Mace Windu destroying a whole company of droids with his bare hands. That Dirge character was pretty badass too. Shame he got dumped for General flippin' Grievous (although at least Grievous is a BMF in the show as well).
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clone wars, star wars

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