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Put the kettle on, Barb.
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Proves to be quite tricky to choose something that wouldn't make them want to take off and nuke us from orbit

Shindler's List
Apocalypse Now
American History X

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Faces of Death 1
Faces of Death 2
Faces of Death 3

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Originally Posted by andybhoy View Post
Star Wars
Harry Potter.

Confuse the **** out of them
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Mr Jolly Lives Next Door
Fight Club
Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (again)
I love my dead gay son
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More DVD's please
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Donnie Darko (beacause being tremendously intelligent and intellectually advanced maybe they can explain what the **** it was all about.)
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Invasion USA
Hero and the Terror
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American History X, Apollo 13, Family Life, Independence Day, It's a Wonderful Life, Jaws, Mars Attacks, Planes Trains & Automobiles, The Notebook, War of the Worlds

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