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Prospective purchasers should note that the R4 will be going on sale almost straight after its initial release. It will cost about $25 (10 quid).
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Just watched this for the first time. I was worried I'd find it boring. (Generally I think newer films are better than older ones).

Not this time - Casablanca is exceptional. Very dramatic, and well acted. Great tension too as I didn't know how it would end. Worthy of all the praise IMHO.
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I no longer post here.
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Originally Posted by BiscLimpkit View Post
(Generally I think newer films are better than older ones).
Why? What criteria are you using that enables you to be so general?

Casablanca is marvellous indeed.

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Certainly one of those films that can be described as timeless.

I had this in my dvd collection for years, one of those titles you hear you 'have to own', so I picked it up but never got round to watching it. Stuck the disk in with a little bit of reservation that comes when you are about to watch a film that pretty much everyone, everywhere describes as a classic.

Sat through the whole film with a big grin on my face Its just a wonderfully made film, where all the pieces just fit effortlessly - direction, story, setting, cast etc. Its rare for me to watch a film branded as a classic and come away feeling totally satisfied, but Casablanca did this.

I really need to pick this up in HD, as the transfer is supposed to look stunning. Probably will do when the release it without all the extra bits and bobs.
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This thread resurrection makes me want to watch it right now! It truly is a "perfect" movie.
*goes to dig out the dvd*

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Originally Posted by BiscLimpkit View Post
(Generally I think newer films are better than older ones).
I'm the exact opposite. At least when it comes to American cinema; for me Hollywood peaked somewhere around 1940... Probably 1939 (for Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz).
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Casablanca, Casey Robinson, Howard Koch, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Julius J. Epstein, Michael Curtiz, Paul Henreid, Philip G. Epstein

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