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Originally Posted by Garry Cowell
Maybe because it was made in 1984, dickhead.
Oops, better scrap my "E.T" suggestion then. I didn't know the forum was for films 1980 and before, I was only two years out though
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The poker game from The Sting is a favourite of mine. Newman's delivery of the lines and Shaw's reactions are pure brilliance.

"Sorry I'm late. I was taking a crap."

"That'd be real nice of you, Mr. Lonniman!"

"Tough luck, Lonnehan. But that's what you get for playing with your head up your ass!"

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More DVD's please
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How about the last 5 minutes of Chinatown - Polanski at his best.
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I no longer post here.
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- The final scene of Rosemary's Baby: "He has his father's eyes..."

- The wedding ring Grace Kelly waggles on her finger as she tries to talk herself out of trouble in Thorwald's apartment in Rear Window. Jimmy Stewart can see it - and so, magically, can Thorwald...

- The chess opening of Bergman's The Seventh Seal.

- The benign, deeply emotional final moments of Wild Strawberries.

- The brutal pre-rape humiliation scene in Craven's reviled Last House on the Left. The juxtaposition of horrifying image with David Hess' striking, melancholic music, is as powerful an anti-violence statement as has ever been put on film.

- The "Book People" conclusion of Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. It chokes me up every time.

There are loads of other fantastic examples, which will come to me as the evening unfolds...

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The opening 10 minute shot of 'Breaking News'
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I just remembered. Though otherwise an ordinary film, the climax of "The Wilby Conspiracy" is brilliant.
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