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son of thunder
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Laptop display fault?

I have a DELL inspiron 8000 laptop which is running win2000 which has a display problem.

If I boot the laptop direct from the battery it works fine no problem but the minute I plug in my power adapter after about 30 sec the screen dims totally and you can just about make out some display.

So I thought it must be the power adapter that was faulty so I replaced it and still the problem occurs.

If I boot straight from the power supply the display works for the first 30secs or so again and then dims once this happens only rebooting from the battery brings the display back. I have also checked all power option settings but everything seems okay. Anyone any ideas please?
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Guest 849
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This is more than likely a problem with the inverter tube, you say the screen is dim, can you still make out the desktop & icons ?

This might help - http://blog.thedevins.com/archives/000201.php
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