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Guest 14442
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IIyama monitor question

My Iiyama monitor has just decided to give up the ghost. Turn it on and the screen is all distorted and no matter how much I mess with the settings it won't return to normal

I bought it off Dabs on 07/02/02 and it's a VM1451 19"

Do you think Iiyama would have a problem replacing this? Anyone any experience on their warranty procedure.

It's less than 3 years since I bought it but not sure if the monitor itself is less than 3 years old.

At work at the moment so can't check on back of monitor.

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Guest 1752
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I would have thought that the 3 years should run from your invoice date.

Never had to claim a monitor under warranty, but yes, Iiyama have a swap out policy AFAIK, but be warned that you wont necessarily get a brand new monitor - but a 'serviceable' one.

[bit like the IBM deathstar drives I have had in the past goes bellyup within a couple of months from new, yet the replacement they send is a refurb! ]
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Guest 13239
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Iiyama do a three year swap out warranty. Just give them a call and in normal circumstances, you will have a new monitor delivered within 24 hours from experience. As Faythur states though, you will get a 'refurb' ...
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Yep had mine fail after 14 months from new, phoned them up and they arranged for the old on to be collected and dropped off a new one at the same time.

PS my replacement was new.
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Originally Posted by Vulcan101
PS my replacement was new.

how do you know for sure mate?
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My mate had a Iiyama replaced they were going to send a new one but as he couldn't prove the purchase (he bought it from a car boot sale for a fiver! ) they refurbed it for him. I think as long as you can prove you bought it new, they will swap it out for a new one...luckily none of my three Iiyamas have broke yet!.
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