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TV units

Not sure if this is the right place for this discussion but...

I've been looking into the different TV units available and can't seem to find anything quite right... there is one at INDEX for £39.99 (cat no: 821-466) but its a squeeze for the WS tv and wont house my woofer at all AND a cheap wooden slats thing at Argos for £17.99 but it's got no sides and doesn't look very snazzy (although the shape and size is almost perfect - why dont other people produce something like this but snazzier?)

anyway... has anybody got either of this and have opimions on whether i should stear clear or go for it?
or are there any other better ideas out there?
come on now, you lot must be balancing your masses of electronics on something!


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have you got an ikea catalogue? thay have tons of different types of tv stands in that and in store.
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looked through the catalogue and went to the store yesterday - they have nothing simple - they're all either too long or not high enough or both! i just want something simple that'll house my video, dvd player & the my little videologic box and whopper of a woofer that goes with it... oh and of course be big enough for my 28" LG ws tv on top

is that too much to ask?
(according to ikea, argos & index it is!)

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