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[Review] The Joy Formidable

Comments attached to the Review 'The Joy Formidable' on Music @ The Digital Fix

Gary K has something to shout about....

Click here to read!
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Amazing review Gary.
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We've been singing their praises for so long that it feels strange to call this their debut album, but as a sign of things to come it's wonderful. Can't wait to see where they go next.
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Nicely, and if I might say so, bravely written. I've been following them so intently I can no longer be objective and I thank you for pulling off that feat with some style. Personally, I'll probably have more of a view in 6 months time, but that's easy eh?
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I went into it wanting to love it, but in the end they just couldn't get that on-stage lightning into the bottle this time. I've been wondering if it's because there's not the same amount of light and shade in the recorded version - it never goes from quiet, to loud, to the kind of guitar warfare that's forbidden under the Geneva Convention in the same way as their live show sometimes does.
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