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Question Remember - `See Saw` on BBC1.

Anyone remember the childrens slot on BBC1 called `see saw` ?

It used to be on after the lunchtime news areound 1.45pm and usually included 2 short programmes lasting 15 minutes in total.

There was :
King Rollo
Pidgeon Street
Mr Ben
The Flumps

to name afew.

Anyone else remember `see saw` ?
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I don't recall 'See Saw', but I remember all the shows you've mentioned..

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yes, but Pipkins was better, with Hartley Hare & Topov the Monkey
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Originally Posted by Bapapapa View Post
I don't recall 'See Saw', but I remember all the shows you've mentioned..

It wasn't a programme as such, but the name of the TV slot that the aforementioned kids TV shows (and others) were shown in. According the the articles below 'See Saw' was just 'Watch with Mother' with a different name.


The most shocking part of the 2nd article was ...

Some time in the early 1990s, a huge amount of videotaped children's programmes were bulk-erased by the BBC archives. Amongst these were episodes of Animal Magic, Take Hart, Vision On, Play School, Play Away, Jackanory Playhouse, The Adventure Game, the first three series of Rentaghost, the only known copies of the English language versions of several Tales From Europe, and a large amount of Watch With Mother. The master tapes of around half of the episodes of each of Ring-a-Ding, Ragtime, Playboard, How Do You Do!, Over the Moon and the extended versions of Bod were erased and most likely lost forever."

I'd have thought the BBC would have learned their lesson after erasing over 100 Doctor Who episodes in the 1970s, but clearly they hadn't.

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That's really bad.

Anyone remember Choc-a-Block and Bric-a-Brac?
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