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I think the VAR system should be there to assist the referee when asked for. There are many occasions when decisions are given incorrectly because the ref was unsighted and so couldn't be sure, so in that instance it could be useful. However, neither the Ref or the linesman gave the offside...and remember, the linesman had a perfect view...so in this instance it had no place to be brought in. If the linesman is going to be over-ruled in every instance then why have them at all, there is really no point to them (...been saying that for years though haven't we ). The system is clearly not ready to be rolled out to every game in the English league so I think a lot more testing (...behind the scenes) should go on. Yesterday was farcical and I very much doubt Maureen would have been quite so calm and pragmatic about it had the result hinged upon the disallowed goal!
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