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The Most Dangerous Game

So after seeing a discussion on modern wilderness films such as Severance my attention was drawn to The Most Dangerous Game.

Criterion have released it, a fair few years ago but it can be had very cheap and looks like something I'd enjoy.

Anyone care to comment on the film and also the Criterion disc...

Criterion Info
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John Hodson
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Excellent, exciting, film - I'm a sucker for anything Joel McCrea - and a surprisingly good transfer considering it's an early Crit - they'd repair those reel change markers now, but they aren't that intrusive.

Shot concurrently with King Kong; you can have a game of spot the sets!
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What John says. I love it. Leslie Banks is great too, hamming it up as the loony Count Zaroff.

The DVD looks good but more extras would have been nice. IMDB also claims that
The film was originally 76min long. Some excess gore like scenes with the trophy heads was cut out of the release making the film shorter.
Be fascinating to see, although I doubt the footage still exists.

I'm also a fan of the 1956 sort-of remake Run for the Sun with Richard Widmark and Jane Greer. Hope it gets a DVD release before too long.
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