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Originally Posted by Ste7en View Post
This is where confusion comes into play. People think that the domestic 3D tat is the same as the digital stuff at the cinema. They are MILES apart.
Just wait for Sky's 3D, you'll need a new TV but I've seen it, it's incredible!
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I don't even have Sky HD, can't say I'm too bothered about not seeing the hairs on Jordan's nerps.

I have Sky+, that'll do.
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This is the thing: look how slow uptake of BD has been, even with people being sold HD tellys when they have no HD source; how do they expect to sell the idea of new TV and BD formats for something which will have very little material to play? And in a recession! And you have to wear glasses!
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Well for one massive thing the vast majority of film makers are that, film makers. They want nothing to do with a age old silly gimmic like 3D. Good on them I say, as it is a stupid place to take the vast majority of films, new and old.

Many film makers will never even go digital never mind 3D, so as for 3D being the future it is a lame dream of a few cash hungry cinema people who think they are more forward thinking than any film makers before them, when in reality it is a gimmic.

It is pathetic the way old films are being re-done in 3D, I dont care one bit myself that Toy Story will now be in 3D, why the hell would I want that in 3D. re-doing films in 3D is the devils work.

3D is for silly horror films, kids films and the odd Blockbuster, no more. I dont want to be distracted by 3D in a 5 star masterpiece, as thats all it does distract.
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Were you abused by a 3D film when you were younger Romero?
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Immersion has always been a primary goal of the artist. And this is no different in film. Whether it's the way a filmmaker composes shots or cuts them in the editing room, the best filmmakers aim for a level of immersion that will compel their viewers to forget that they are watching a film. Ironically, methods can be diametrically opposed - some believe that longer shots increase immersion whereas others believe that quick cutting is the solution to getting an audience to believe in the illusion with which they are being presented.

3-D is no doubt viewed by Hollywood as a gimmick. Another tool to create a unique spectacle to lure audiences back into cinema seats. But I think there is artistic merit to the medium. As with most other cinematic techniques, 3-D provides the most immediate tool for greater immersion. However, 3-D shares the Achilles' heel as the techniques that preceded it i.e. if used incorrectly, it can actually eject a viewer from the film experience.

Personally, I think film as a two-dimensional medium is a medium unto itself. Just because we have holographic technology, that doesn't diminish the beauty of a flat canvas. Indeed, the flat canvas implies a degree of separation and voyeuristic pleasure that 3-D arguably lacks. That sense of looking through a window. Of looking into another dimension. This isn't the same as actually being in the alternate universe, and the effects are quite different. Thus voyeurism has its own breed of immersion that 3-D doesn't have.

So yeah. There are arguments for and against it. Personally, I'm conflicted. I think the idea is cool, but I also feel as though something is being lost. But then, maybe that's always been the way with change.
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Just by the really, really bad 3D Horror films in the 80's
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3D movies drive record summer at box office

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I hope not, 3D movies make me feel vaguely travel sick so the sooner they forget about it the better as far as I'm concerned.
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omigawdright! I can't wait to see The Matrix sequels in 3-D. Oh wait, I can.
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Originally Posted by Richie View Post
omigawdright! I can't wait to see The Matrix sequels in 3-D. Oh wait, I can.
I think The Matrix sequels would be best viewed in 0-D
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I do find this particular debate amusing because it has so many parallels with the Silent to Talkies period

3D as a medium is pretty interesting, but its simply not suitable for a lot of things. However, I am a fan of them it just needs to be applied in the right places - I'm happy that the Pixar stuff is in 3D now purely because its very hard to create accurate and believable depth of field with CGI anyway, so it makes it a lot more engaging.
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