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Sprout Crumble
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PSP is brilliant and very underated. Can't think why anybody would call it a failure with those sales figures.

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Max Maz
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I'm not saying it's a failure, quite the opposite in fact.

There are some great games over the fours or so years it's been out, I think I'm just disappointed by the lack of games out in the past 6 months and coming out in 2009. Hopefully we'll get a few announcements which will bring back the love.

It is great for all the other multimedia experiences though, I guess I'm disgruntled by the gaming side of it.
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OMG! it's full of stars!
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it always has been and always will be a slow burner.

The only negative thing i have to say about it is the screen, either the response time is too slow or you got that wired combing effect on the 3000. Once they stick in a screen with a high response time then it will be a wonderful gaget.
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