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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon R1

It's being released by Warner on 4/6/02. Ron at the Home Theater Forum has reviewed it: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=71780

Looks like a vast improvement over the dreadful Universal UK release.
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John Hodson
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A brilliant film with a brilliant performance from Wayne as Nathan Brittles (and the best bar brawl around). Pity they couldn't have given it the full restoration treatment, but sounds good, nevertheless.

So many films, so little time...
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I've seen this film so many times and never tire of it. Probably John Wayne's finest performance and John Ford's best film alongside The Searchers. I'm looking forward to getting the R1 DVD.
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Great news, looks like the wait has paid off. Now all I need is a decent version of Fort Apache to complete the John Ford Cavalry trilogy.
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Joanne Dru, John Ford, John Wayne, Lowell J. Farrell, Merian C. Cooper, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

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