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Blu-Ray Player Recommendations

Need a new BR players as my old samsung is starting to skip and spit out discs on a regular basis. Discs themselves are fine.

Don't want to spend the earth

Looking at these at the moment although any recommendations for up to £80 would be appreciated.

Don't need 3D or Multregion or SMART

LG BP250 Blu-Ray and DVD Disc Player with Full HD Up-scaling and external HDD playback - Black

Panasonic DMP-BD84EB-K Smart Network Blu-Ray Disc Player

If you've used these and have a comment about them I'd like to know what you think
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Unfortunately I'm not up to date on current models and whatnot, but I would strongly urge anyone looking into cheap Blu-ray players to stay the HELL away from Panasonic, they are ghastly machines. I've got a region-free modded 360EB and it's worst piece of hardware I have ever bought in my life, the remote control is too small for an everage adult male's hand, it has undefeatable "power saving" features that turn the ******* player off if you pause a disc for about 7mins, and it emits a loud ringing noise when playing blu-ray discs that changes pitch as you progress through a film, so you can actually change chapters and change the pitch and essentialy turn the machine into a weird whistling musicla instrument.

My recommendation would be the Sony BDP S3700. I hate Sony as a company, but heard nothing but good things about this player. Apparently doesn't suffer from any in-built undefeatable digital processing and simply gives you direct, unfiltered, playback of the disc. That should be a BIG selling point to anyone serious about eradicating noise reduction and any of the other ******** that these idiot companies are ruinining their higher end models with.

Obviously this is a 2016 model though, which is why it's £20 cheaper than the current model which is the BDP-6700. I don't know if the models after the 3700 are equally as good as the 3700 or whether Sony couldn't help themselves and added digital processing. I don't think their entry level range does, I just don't know for sure.

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