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Thinking of getting one of these as I need a new PVR and want to make sure it'll record in HD. New to the world of satellite tv though, so a few numpty questions . . . .

- apart from the Freesat channels, can it receive FTA channels (realise no EPG)? How do you selct to watch a FTA channel and what are they?!
- do I need a viewing card for FTA? Where from?
- how easy is it to replace the LNB on an exisiting dish for a dual/quad?

All info greatly appreciated!!
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You can get the FTA channels, but you need to put the box into "non-freesat mode first (this is setble on a menu). However, whilst in non-freesat mode, you cannot record, or set up scheduled recordings - and in addition any scheduled freesat recordings will not start..

You do not need any FTA card to view FTA channels.

Can't help with the LNB, but I would suppose the only difficult job would be getting it realigned after you have swapped it out..
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IIRC, the LNB simply slides in and out of a mount, so replacing it is a relatively easy DIY task, and shouldn't need any reallignment if you are careful not to nudge the mount. I believe there is a screw on the under side of the mount securing the LNB to the mount - if you Google replace sky lnb there should be lots of info (assuming the existing dish is a Sky "Minidish").
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Thanks for the info folks!
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