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As title really, I'm looking for a decent STB for around £50 or less (maybe £70 at a push) for use in a potentially low-signal area (getting a new ariel fitted soon, but the signal with my current ariel is poor).

I've been looking at the Humax F2-FOX-T, which I can get refurbished for around £45, but I'm a bit put off by reports on all its bugs (EPG problems due to low memory, no updates for the machine since 2004 or something). The TVonics MDR-250 sounds like a decent little player, but apparently the picture quality is relatively poor for a machine that costs £50 (which I would have thought would be poor to begin with at that price)?

Anyone on here own any of these players and care to report on how annoying they are?

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I have the Humax box - picture quality seems acceptable to me. The main issues I have found is that occasionally it seems to not want to come out of standby or not populate the guide completely. However, I've taken to switching it off at night now and therefore when I switch it back on it seems to force an update. So I don't tend to hit those problems now - I'll be replacing it soon though.

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MDR-250 stb problem & service

1. In a dodgy digital signal area but new aerial seems good. Chose well recommended stb from TVONICS (MDR-250). Very light, black and plastic box but easy setup and very user friendly. Picture fine and all stations tuned OK. However..... overnight each night the box switches off (red light). I switch it on again with the remote (green light) but get a 'NO SIGNAL' message on screen.
2. Reported this to TVONICS by phone which promised to change unit and would contact me next working day. This a week ago and no response since to several phonecalls and a email...... what next ?
3. Meantime found a partial solution (by experiment)....if I unplug/replug the unit again all is well ... it resets itself instantly. But switches off again at night !

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I have the Tvonics. It is the OEm of the one Which recommended a while back. Picture and set up is all fine. I have no issues like above. In fact can't remember the last time I actually did anything to it myself as the Tivo controls it.
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