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Gah, I clicked on that link but as it was loading I remembered what it would be!
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Originally Posted by Hangover2004 View Post
I will generally eat anything, but have never been able to cope with mushrooms. I know they are nice and all, and I really feel I am missing out on a wealth of fungi based gastronomic experiences, but I can't hack them!! May be the slug like texture. Not sure.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this!
I will eat raw mushrooms (and often do when I am preparing them) but don't much care for them cooked. They're fine if chopped up quite small. It's not the taste it's the texture.
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Originally Posted by DeadYankee View Post
Nor is a can of worms, but you just opened one there I think. As I recall there are lots of forumites who consider pouring boiling water onto a packet of Mash cooking so chicken, carrots and a jar of slop is bordering on Gordon Ramsey territory
Now that made me really laugh.
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Originally Posted by cjanderson View Post
now 6 ingredients has 41 books.

7 has 33

8 has 18

And at 9 we run out of books, no one wants NINE at all
Looks like a gap in the market. Why don't we all write a 9 ingredient recipe and then publish a DVDF 9 ingredient recipe book.
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Just came across this one - The worst cookbook in America: A collection of the most odious concoctions ever brought together at one time in one place

Only available used (at over £50!)- but had to laugh at the Tuna Twinkie Souffle - now where do you get Twinkies from in the UK?
It was me! - I brought all the lurkers... :D
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If you want bad recipes, just find some british cookbooks from the 70's and 80's. Esp those ones for 'the busy chef'. There was one I found that involved pouring a tin of spaghetti into a bowl, breaking an egg over it, covering it with 'hard table cheese'* and then baking for 20 minutes. Smashing!

*what we used to have instead of parmesan, I think.

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Originally Posted by LiviLion View Post
Nah, you are cooking the wrong food. Pork Shoulder with all the trimmings costs less than a tenner as it's usually on offer somewhere. Taste's amazing too. We had never tasted this cut before but after the recent C4 documentary we have it quite regularly now.
I'm not saying that ALL the recipies are unattainable , but half the time I watch these shows and think, "That jar of spice is about six quid,there goes two quids worth of cream, that fish would be about a tenner in my supermarket, I'd have to find some obscure deli to buy that..."
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