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Originally Posted by Kryten View Post
Big bump for this. Looking to get some decent cook books and was looking at the following one:

Delia's Complete How to Cook: Both a Guide for Beginners and a Tried and Tested Recipe Collection for Life

Does anyone have that? Is it as good as the reviews there say it is?
Well if its the combined 'How to Cook books 1,2 & 3' then i would recommend. I have books 1&2 (havent got round to book 3 but might just get the complete now instead) and have found them really useful as the instructions and photographs are clear and easy to follow. I have always enjoyed cooking but its good to try different ways of doing everyday things, I now always do my scrambled and poached eggs 'delia style'
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I really like John Torode's Beef Book. I have used it a lot.

The tips for cooking steak are particuarly good and can turn quite a cheap cut into something very good. I never realised before what a difference it made to cook steak properly...

Get it here for Ł6.99
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Well I got the Delia one from Sainsbury's tonight (was a quid more than online but meant I could just get it tonight). It seems good and very in depth. I am not sure how many of the dishes I will cook but seems to have a good range in there. I just need to work out how to scale some back for one person

I do like the eggs chapters as there seem to be some good things there that seem simple but tasty and easy to do for one person.
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