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Shared internet connection to a Nintendo Wii

A mate of mine has a PC which connected to the internet via a 3G USB dongle.
He is planning on getting a Nintendo Wii and wanted to know if he could connect it to his PC via the wireless adapter (His PC has a wireless PCI card).
I've never tried connecting a Wii to a PC and wondered if anyone here has and if so, how?

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ian turner
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that would require an adhoc connection and from what i can determine unless there are SoftAP (software access point) drivers for the wifi card in the pc which can mimic an access point (if it's a laptop i'd say odds on not) then the answer is no as the wii does not directly support adhoc.
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tell him to buy a 3G router, like this from solwise http://www.solwise.co.uk/3g-routers-3gwifimrw.htm
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