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The Walking Dead Season 7 (**Spoilers**)

Starts this weekend

& here's John Cleese summing up the first six seasons in case you missed them:

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I was one of those ****** at the cliffhanger so I'm back it's finally back.
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Wow that was tense and nervy to watch!
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Cor! Didn't expect that. Tough to watch!

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Bored me to tears I'm afraid,
Yes a couple of curve balls but again just seemed to take forever to just do a couple of things. We get it, he's evil, we get it Riks broken, but the story just seemed to move as slow as the walkers. Im guessing next week will not even feature the main group
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It took a while, you're right. When to is that we'll made though you had to keep watching.

Loving Jeffrey Dean Morgan so far.
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Just watched it on NowTV, about which I'm impressed they were alert enough to give it the GOT treatment and get it up before the normal showing tonight.

However it wasn't a brilliant episode and doesn't really dispel any fears about the rest of the season. I always thought the cliff hanger was a really lazy attempt to match what GOT's did with Jon Snow. Instead it was just annoying. The way they did the outcome was predictable as well, I read one article online yesterday that did just that. If they'd really want to shock they'd just have had Negan and his whole crew wiped out instantly somehow leaving the season completely wide open.

The problem with the show is that it's just formulaic and repetitive now. We're probably going to be stuck with a really boring episode next week of everyone moping and very little plot development.

I'll keep watching for now, mainly as I'm this far in, but they need new ideas and fast.
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Probably the most brutal and messed up thing I've ever seen on a mainstream TV show. If Mary Whitehouse wasn't already dead, that episode would have killed her.
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brutal, yet I was bored, the episode did seem to drag
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Yeah. I found it pretty meh. I stopped reading the comics before Negan was introduced so I don't know how it plays out it. I just can't understand how Negan's system works. Find a group and exert dominance and suddenly the group works for him now? You don't just break a person/group in 24 hours and they're your bitch now. Killing the leader, I can understand. Without a leader and no replacement, the submissive group has little choice but to serve. Right now, he just has a ****** off group on his hands that want blood. Even with Daryl as collateral, it just doesn't seem smart. Does Negan know Rick's group numbers, the type of people not in that initial group? I forget if he scouted Alexandria. It just seemed to be shocking for the sake of it.
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I think I might be done, not easy to watch and just like a big **** you to the audience. As you've all said, too drawn out again and boring to watch. I think they've gone too far now.
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I also thought the taking Daryl was another ominous warning of another standard TWD template being used, separately characters through some event and then having the plot just being about them getting back together again.

If the Daryl arc is him going bad under Negan, or even just pretending to be bad, only for him to be swayed back again to going Rick & the rest that's going to be annoying. We're probably going to have to deal with a load of guilt by some characters due to the outcome of the opener.

Also I bet the next episode doesn't feature Rick and the rest and rather is Carol focused. Then if they really want to string it out there will be a Daryl episode.
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now with added cymbals
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It was awesome until Negan buggered off, then I wished he had caved all their heads in.
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I agree with Lentini. If they had ended the episode on the shot of them all sitting on the ground I'd have liked it more.
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Stagger Lee
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Well I enjoyed it and anyone who disagrees can suck my balls
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The comic stuff from this point on is all pretty amazing so if they stick to that, they're on to a winner but the show never does, it just skirts around the possibilities, checking in every now and then to adapt a certain scene or moment nearly panel for panel but it's lacking the coherence, pace and punch of the comic's storyline. Some things the show does that's exclusive can be great (Carol and the girls, the Saviour ambush while they were sleeping last season) but I dunno, the show seems to pull it's punches - so it was nice ("nice") to see the show step up and go for broke with the bleakness this time around. Fingers crossed for an exciting season, they've definitely established Negan as a force to be reckoned with.
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Gruelling first episode - extremely unpleasant to watch but also rather boring.
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That was a phenomenal episode. Still the best show around right now.
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I liked it, it delivered on the cliffhanger, imdont read the comics and find the show still one of the best around - it just underlines what a weak, kids show, Fear TWD is.
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Sorry but really don't get people complaining about this episode. If you find the episode slow then this show isn't for you - it is slow and tense and character driven, not action packed.

I came full of expectation and couldn't wait - and it absolutely delivered. Didn't dare breath for first ten minutes it was so tense. Best show on tv by a mile. Trailer for next week looks amazing as well!
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