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Grindhouse Releasing Massacre Mafia Style/Gone with the Pope

Grindhouse have been teasing releasing these for ages and they both came out in the last few weeks.

I've never seen The Executioner/Massacre Mafia Style before. I know Duke Mitchell has a bit of rep in cult circles and that this movie had been on DVD before, but I'd never seen it. Gone with the Pope/Kiss the Ring was/is Duke's unfinished second movie that Grindhouse have spent years piecing back together and restoring.

These releases are amazing: the (very un-PC) sense of time and place, the recollections of what Duke was like (his own worst enemy), the extra features (Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, Mitchell's bizarre Jimmy Durante impression/homage show).

It might help I'm half-Italian and always wondered what life would have been like if my great-granddad had gone to the States along with his brother instead of coming to *cough* Essex.

Wonderful stuff.

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These Grindhouse releases are amazing; the film (Massacre Mafia Style) I'm indifferent to.

I had the (also) extras loaded 'Family Edition' DVD of MMS but sold it on ebay and have no wish to buy it again. I get why people like it; it's pretty much a politically incorrect, low budget Mafia tale in which Mitchell has been given free reign to indulge himself - some of his speeches are hilarious.

I can see why this did well on the Grindhouse circuit among the usual glut of grimy horror flicks, but it wasn't for me. I confess to having an aversion to Mafia flicks anyway.
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