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Rambo 3 BR, Rambo is sent in to rescue Col Trautman from those pesky Ruskies in an adventure that really is a product of its time. Action is well done from first timer Peter MacDonald

Invitation To Hell Wes Craven's Invitation To Hell. 80's made for TV supernatural sci fi. Robert Ulrich, moves his family to a beautiful new town to start a job at a contractor making spacesuits for NASA. From the get go we know this place is more that it appears; it has a air of Stepford Wives/Body snatchers. The only way to get promotion is to join a secretive sports club; which he does not want to do using his new spacesuit he has to explore the secretive club which is built over some portal to hell itself, the reason people are strange they have been replaced by demons.

Rambo BR, he's back again but no Col Trautman due to Crenna passing away; but he does appear in a flashback which is very well done. Far bloodier than the previous outings; they spare no expense in showing how bad the bad guys are so that Sly's inevitable bringing of pain feels even more satisfying. Sly must have more muscles than in the previous outing combined.
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Time Trap NOW TV - little sci-fi flick with unknowns who go looking for their professor in a cave system that could be linked to the fountain of youth. Problem is the cave is also a trap where time inside runs slower than outside. Neat twist - you are youthful but the world as you knew it is gone. Well acted by all involved.

Avengers: Endgame Just Spiderman 2 and phase three is wrapped up and I can't see Phase 4 doing the same business without bringing in the FF4 or X-Men to be the tent poles like Iron Man Thor and Captain America. Infinity War + Endgame perhaps should have been 3 parter and squeezed a bit more out of the phase three. Overall its slower than Infinity War but the action on the back half makes up for it. Didn't like the treatment of THOR and not too sure about the ending or the plot device they used to sort things out I prefer my star trek/Timecop/ Bill and Ted use of the plot device

Deep Impact NOWTV And of the two Earth meets a big space rock movies of the 90s this one is handled a bit more delicately than Bay's OTT action fest. That said it does have its issues namely the guy who is the pilot of the shuttle in this not (Robert Duval) but the blonde one who was the wife beating ambulance man in ER - can't stand him. The Hobbit goes on a journey to get his teenage girlfriend and outruns a 1000ft tsunami wave on his dirt bike should have been cut out.
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Brawl in Cell Block 99 - Awesome film. Hard to watch but oddly satisfying.

The Wandering Earth - Generic big budget CGI-fest that bored the tits off me.
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The Equalizer 2 NOWTV - his first sequel but Man of Fire feels more like the Equalizer than this. As per the series he helps various people with their problems from taken children, missing artwork to the good kid gone bad cliche. Takes a leaf out of 007 movies by starting the movie mid way through one of these mini adventures. Then the real arc comes in - old friends are on the opposite side or are they the other side is never revealed - just names and a price is all these guys now need to kill for (who they are doing it for and why could be potential sequel territory.) Denzel just happens to have worked with them all and goes it alone to take them all out in a OTT setup with some OK weather effects thrown in. The stuff with the local kid who is good at art but has fallen in with a gang is a cliche that needs to be retired for a bit. Not as satisfying as the first one.

Dragged Across Concrete S. Craig Zahler is three for three with his latest directorial effort. Long and perhaps drawn out with few action sequences but the dialogue is incredible - several faces return from cell block 99. Vince Vaughn really is good in that and this. A bit like M Night whats his face and his twists; there is always a scene in S. Craig Zahler's movies that is brutal and you'll remember when its over and this movie has two the first is just tragic (had a visit from the onion cutter ) the second is . Slow but kept me hooked.
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Mortal engines
Actually liked the set designs and look etc but the film deserves the box office failure (the studio lost a of money on it), its a bad film. The characters are bland especially the resistance people who are just meh

The girl with all the gifts
Shame they didn't go use the plant infection more, the zombies are 28 days later "infected" apart from the kids that can talk. Also people die for stupid reasons because the writer can't be arsed
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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - While filming in Spain, bored commercials director Adam Driver finds himself caught up in a series of weird & wacky adventures with a man (Jonathan Pryce) who believes he is Don Quixote. Or perhaps he really is? 25 years in the making (& unmaking), Terry Gilliam finally brings his passion project to the screen, & as you'd expect it looks beautiful with some gorgeous costumes, sets & locations. Unfortunately, as the reality, fantasy & dreams of the tale blend & blur it's a bit too incoherent for its own good & all too often I found myself wondering WTF was going on. Only in the final third of its lengthy running time does it settle into any kind of linear plot & by that point I'd kinda stopped caring. Pryce is excellent, Driver does what he does, the supporting cast has a number of familiar faces & it's quite funny in places, but overall, a bit of a disappointing mess. Pity.

Backdraft 2 - 28 years after Ron Howard's firefighter classic, here's the sequel nobody was waiting for. This time round, Kurt Russell's kid from the first film is all grown up into a maverick arson investigator searching for someone who's been using fire to cover up the theft of a high-tech missile system. & yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Original writer Gregory Widen returns, Howard gets an executive producer credit, & Billy Baldwin & Donald Sutherland pop up for extended cameos to remind you how much better the original movie was. The lead cast are all quite bland & instantly forgettable, & being a DTV movie the fire effects are generally on the cheap side with an overuse of ropey CGI. Probably better than it had any right to be & Sutherland looks like he's having fun, but still not really worth 101 minutes of your life.

Chasing Bullitt - 1971: Following the disappointment of Le Mans, Steve McQueen is at a crossroads in his life & tells his agent he won't choose his next movie until he finds his 1968 Mustang from Bullitt. As he drives across the desert to the last known location of the car, he flashes back to various points in his life, including therapy sessions and the breakdown of his marriage. It's hard to describe just how strange this film is. The guy playing McQueen looks just about enough like the real star that you kinda go with it (the guy playing Dustin Hoffman, not so much), & for a low budget feature it's very professionally made & occasionally quite stylishly shot & edited, but I really don't know what the filmmakers were trying to say with it all, other than Steve McQueen was cool & a bit messed up. Oddly compelling, but very very weird.
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Loving (2016), Perfect Sense (2011) and White Bird In A Blizzard (2014).
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eviscerate your memory
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any good ?
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Apollo 11 - Documentary about the mission to put the first man on the moon, from the dawn of launch day to splashdown, told entirely through a treasure trove of newly discovered 65mm NASA footage & original audio recordings from 1969. No talking heads, no voice-over, just the facts as they happened. Beautifully put together & considering we all know the outcome, surprisingly tense at times. If you have the slightest interest in the space race, history in general, or what mankind can do if it really puts its mind to it, absolutely unmissable. & if you're a space nerd like me, quite sublime.

Life After Flash - The story of Sam Jones & the making of the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon, featuring interviews with pretty much the entire surviving cast & crew (no Max Von Sydow or Timothy Dalton alas, but you do get Peter Duncan!), plus friends, family & a few famous fanboys. Naturally, the on-set stories are slightly more interesting than some of Jones' family tales, & the intercutting of the two is a little messy at times, but Jones comes across as decent guy who got some bad advice & ruined his big shot. Worth watching just for Brian Blessed's anecdote about meeting the Queen, Peter Wyngarde's review of Ted & the reasoning behind Dino De Laurentiis hiring Mike Hodges & Topol.

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders - Batman & Robin face their greatest challenge ever as The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and Catwoman team up to pull off the biggest heist in Gotham history! DC animated adventure featuring the voices of Adam West, Burt Ward & Julie Newmar & capturing the lunacy & spirit of the '60s TV show quite perfectly, with a few slightly more 'adult' jokes thrown in for good measure. Incredibly silly, but also very very funny & hugely entertaining. Loved it.
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What were the last 3 films you watched: Thread 3

Is Apollo 11 cinema or available elsewhere? #spacegeek
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Originally Posted by nutter45 View Post
Is Apollo 11 cinema or available elsewhere? #spacegeek
Getting a limited run in cinemas here. https://www.apollo11movie.co.uk/

Its already out on Blu-Ray in US.
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I liek Star Trek
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Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (1980/2006): I've been wanting to watch this for years and finally had the opportunity. Superman II was one of the key films of my childhood and so much of it is burned into my memories. I never knew of the turmoil behind the scenes as original director Richard Donner was replaced after completing around 75% of the movie. This reassembled cut of the film has wonderful intentions behind it, and while the end result is FASCINATING, it's definitely not a whole piece. Only so much can be done with the fragments of an unfinished film, so I have to applaud the work that went into this. 7/10

Child's Play (2019): A needless remake that turns out to be mostly good fun. To its credit, it does its own thing and is very different to the original film. Some really mean spirited death scenes. 6/10

Brightburn (2019): A great concept for a film that intrigued me from the moment I saw the trailer. The final product unfortunately does not use the idea to its full potential but still provides an enjoyable time. It has a good cast with Elizabeth Banks being particularly great and given a huge amount to do. The kid is extremely creepy. There is an over reliance on jump scares which do cheapen things, and I just wish the film had been a bit more adventurous. There are hints of creativity here but it's not explored. Apparently the studio opted to cut the film here in the UK in order to obtain a 15 certificate, but you'd be hard pressed to notice it. The gore is really nasty at times! 7/10
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Superman: The Movie NOWTV Still cannot believe that all these years later we still have not gotten a Superman that is a good as Christopher Reeve. Granted some of the green screen compositing and model work at the end has not held up but the performances certainly have. Shame for the 4k release they did not CGI the models of the town at the end when the dam bursts along with the water effects.

The Nun NOWTV - Slow, boring not a patch on the Conjuring movies. The movie does have a couple of good parts unfortunately its the very small sections that have Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in them.

Aquaman BR - Ok action bit of CGI fluff, some of the humor was a little forced and the overuse of the music signalling such a humorous twist got old quick. Score wasn't too bad though reminded me of Tron 2 is parts.
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